Global Talent Visa

After the Australian immigration policy has changed to reduce the number of skilled visas in recent years, the global talent visa was introduced to attract talented individuals from around the world, in 7 Australian mostly needed Target Sectors. The purpose of this visa is for Australia to benefit from talented individuals to develop and enhance science and technology for the ultimate economic growth of the nation.

Visa Conditions:

This visa is granted to talented individuals with high knowledge and skills in one of the following Target sectors:

  • Agriculture Technology
  • Space and advanced production
  • Financial Technology
  • Energy Technology and Mine
  • Medical technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Science, Digital, Data Science and Information technology and Computer

Also, the applicants must:

  • Have distinguished scientific, professional and research history in their field of expertise.
  • Obtained relevant PhD or Master’s Degree in any of the above-mentioned fields in the past three years, or graduate in the next six months, and/or currently attract a salary of AUD 153,000 upon working, or be able to prove that they have the potential to earn this salary in Australia should the visa is granted.
  • Be approved and nominated as a talented individual by a nationally recognized organization or an individual in Australia.
  • Have functional English.

Visa Advantages:

  • There is no age requirement for this visa.
  • Shorter Processing time than other permanent visas.
  • No requirement for skills assessment by assessing authorities in Australia.
  • No requirement for IELTS score of 7 or higher.
  • Unlike skilled visas, the applicant is not required to compete with other applicants to achieve higher points, and wait for a long time to get the invitation to apply.
  • Whole family are granted permanent residency in Australia which is not limited to one state or city in Australia.
  • Upon visa grant, the applicant will get permanent visa benefits such as free education for children in primary and high school.
  • getting medical insurance cover (MediCare).
  • There are no study or work limits.
  • The applicant can apply for Australian citizenship and passport after 4 years of visa grant.

Note: you can still apply for this visa if your Doctoral Degree or Master’s degree is more than 3 years old. Our experience proves that even you can have a successful application if you have a good research background and your application is submitted properly to the Department of Immigration.

If you think you have an outstanding educational background in any of the above-mentioned fields, you can send us your resume for an initial assessment. Our migration lawyers will assess your resume as soon as possible and should you have the required conditions, we will invite you to be our client. We are confident that our knowledge and experience in migration law can assist you in achieving your goals.